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caffy bar

Caffy Bar Vitamin - Fresh Fruit

Caffy Bar Vitamin - Fresh Fruit

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Caffy Bar Vitamin inhaler feature a premium blend of vitamin & berries flavor.

This Vitamin B12 Inhaler is made with natural ingredients and provides a pure taste. The Vitamin B12 Inhaler is easy to use, simply by remove the caps on the top of the pen and smoking the tips to inhale the vitamin B12. This product is designed for people who need extra vitamin B12 intake, such as vegetarians and the elderly. Additionally, the Vitamin B12 Inhaler can increase energy and mental alertness, improve focus and memory, and promote healthy cardiovascular function, among other benefits. 

Vegan-friendly source of Vitamin B12

600 puffs per device

0% Nicotine 

No refilling or recharging required.

Designed in Alhambra , CA

Shipping & Returns

The orders normal ship out within 24h after your paid.

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you contact us within 30 days of placing your order, we will issue a refund or send you a replacement item of equal value

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Why choose Caffy Bar?

Caffy Bar is made with natural ingredients, free of harmful substances.

Experience the benefits of nature in every use.

Zero Nicotine

Extend Daily Energy

Ditch Energy Drinks

Give You An Instant Energy Boost Whenever You Need It.

No More Sugar Crash

  • Third Party Certifications

    I think the biggest indicator of how good a company is, is whether or not you'd feel comfortable giving the product to your own family, and I can tell you unequivocally that I feel very confident giving these products to the people I love.

    - Aaron Secrist, Rivolta’s Executive VP of Quality -

  • Safe Formula

    Our proprietary formulas are made in an ISO certificated lab that complies with high quality food-grade standards. Caffy Bar products contains zero harmful ingredients, zero nicotine , zero sugars and zero calories. Our dispoable pen flavors formula are delivered through a water-soluble carrier base.

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