The Classification And Characteristics Of E-cigarette

At present, there are countless brands of e-cigarettes, and people need to have a clearer understanding of e-cigarettes in order to choose high-quality e-cigarettes that suit them. Vaping is one of the ways to help people quit smoking.


First of all, according to the classification of electronic cigarettes:

  1. Simulated cigarette: The size and appearance of the cigarette are the same as the real cigarette, and the bright end of the electronic cigarette lamp has the same effect as the ash head when smoking.
  2. Non-imitation cigarettes: various shapes, catering to all kinds of people.

The second, if classified according to the charging method:

  1. Disposable Vape: Electronic cigarettes that cannot be recharged and reused.
  2. Rechargeable Vape: the battery is designed as a component + atomizer containing nicotine solution, evaporation device + charging device.
  3. Wireless charging Vape.


The last, Several categories of products that have appeared in the history of electronic cigarette development:

  1. Cigar electronic vape: It should be said that the originator of electronic cigarette, this cigar was first invented.
  2. Pipe vape: An e-cigarette shaped like a pipe.
  3. Flat mouth electronic vape: the cigarette holder is a plastic flat mouth.
  4. Mini vapes: the shape is more like the size of a cigarette.
  5. Women's electronic vapes: very thin in diameter, much like women's cigarettes.
  6. Cartmizer high-quality electronic cigarette: integrates the atomizer and pod
  7. Leakage is easy, and the amount of smoke is greater.
  8. Electronic vape with soft mouthpiece: the mouthpiece is exactly like the mouthpiece of a cigarette.
  9. Disposable vape: the rod of electronic cigarette cannot be charged.
  10. Disposable vape: It is shaped like a cigar, but the tobacco rod cannot be charged.
  11. EG0 vape: the shape is relatively large.
  12. VG0 vape: EG0 with a relatively large shape of cartmizer is adopted.
  13. Mechanical vapes: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes do not have circuit boards, and rely entirely on mechanical principles to transmit current to the atomizer. The battery capacity is generally relatively large and can be replaced at the same time.
  14. High-power Vape: the wattage of the electronic cigarette can be adjusted to bring the pleasure of a large amount of smoke.

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