The Classification And Characteristics Of Vaps

The Classification And Characteristics Of Caffy Bar

At present, there are countless brands of e-cigarettes, and people need to have a clearer understanding of ee- cigarettes in order to choose high-quality ee-cigarettes that suit them. is one of the ways to help people quit smoking.


First of all, according to the classification of el cigarettes:

  1. Simulated cigarette: The size and appearance of the cigarette are the same as the real cigarette, and the bright end of the ele cigarette lamp has the same effect as the ash head when smoking.
  2. Non-imitation cigarettes: various shapes, catering to all kinds of people.

The second, if classified according to the charging method:

  1. Disposable Vap: El cigarettes that cannot be recharged and reused.
  2. Rechargeable Vap: the battery is designed as a component + atomizer containing nicotine solution, evaporation device + charging device.
  3. Wireless charging Vap.

With the implementation of global tobacco control measures and people's pursuit of the concept of healthy life, ele cigarettes are now pursuing healthier and more practical.

CAFFY BAR is a typical representative of healthy ele cigarettes. It can be rich in caffeine to replenish energy and improve people's concentration;

There are also flavors rich in vitamin B12, which can supplement the lack of vitamin B12 in the body to make people healthier;

There are also rich in caffeine. The taste of melanin makes sleep more quality;

CAFFY BAR can also help heavy smokers to quit smoking, gradually get rid of nicotine addiction, and develop healthier living habits.

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