Increasing Performance with Caffeine

Increasing Performance with Caffeine

Caffeine is the most commonly consumed stimulant worldwide. We like to think we know the effects. Afterall, we feel them working and many of us use them to wake up, stay focused, and keep awake. Caffeine is also present in many over-the-counter medications proving its benefits and trust within the medical field.

When it comes to physical performance caffeine has many more perks than most people understand. Caffeine promotes changes in neurotransmitter levels, and can affect “effort consciousness”. Studies have shown that caffeine can significantly improve human performance in exercise/sports. Caffeine use resulted in significant sprint performance” and “In trained swimmers it revealed that caffeine significantly improved swimming velocity when compared with untreated subjects.”1

For many people striving to lose weight and/or keep fit, high-intensity intermittent exercise has shown to be extremely beneficial. When you throw caffeine in the mix, “it acts as an ergogenic compound during (the) high-intensity intermittent exercise”. Caffeine “significantly increased total power, mean power and peak power in both trained and untrained subjects, suggesting that caffeine seems to improve performance in short-duration maximal exercises…”2

Whether you are a college athlete, weekend warrior, or neighborhood stroller, caffeine can work for you. Our caffeine products are the perfect zero calorie pocket rocket that won’t fill you up with sugar or calories.

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